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bluhsh made my banner and hover tab!!!!!
instagram: greerrio
I track the tag #greeer

Anonymous asked: ootd??:)))

I will post yesterday’s when I get home from school!! I meant to post it last night

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Anonymous asked: this might sound weird but i think since following you i've begun to see myself in a better light and been motivated to live a more positive life, thank you greer ☺️

aw yaAYTT👏👏🍉🍉☺️☺️⛅️

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Anonymous asked: how many messages are in ur inbox?

300😊☺️☺️ going through em now sorry

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Anonymous asked: greer where'd ya get that grey top you were wearing in bean's snap? 😊🌸☀️

it’s just my moms 😊😊

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Anonymous asked: What colour r ur birks?

they r beige with fluff on the inside but my mom also has a dark grey suede pair that I sometimes borrow :)

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Anonymous asked: wow omg how do you do your eyebrows? they're perfect!!

I get them waxed every month or so hehe

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Anonymous asked: Bootcut jeans yay or nay?🐝

Yay🍉😊 my new jeans are bell-bottom/bootcut as well

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Anonymous asked: I'm going to the alt j concert in 2 weeks 😎😎😎😎😎

😻😻 so jealous my friends and I wanted to go but then we forgot to buy tickets oops

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Anonymous asked: black jeans yay or nay

YAAY me and bean went shopping on Saturday and she found a really cute pair of high-waisted bell-bottom black jeans in my size for $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re a bit long but I’m gonna get them hemmed 👏👏😊 yay

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