listening to: rain
reading: the book theif
watching: scrubs



bluhsh made my banner and hover tab!!!!!
instagram: greerrio
I track the tag #greeer

Anonymous asked: What do you normally pack for lunch at school??

today I had some edamame, berries, a few crackers w hummus, a plum and a granola bar (for a snack) along w my chia drink

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Anonymous asked: What's a good hairstyle that you do? I have basically the same hair as you :) 🙏

Sometimes I just Make a little braid near the front of my face or I do a super high ponytail :)

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Anonymous asked: Haiiii cutie do u pronounce your name like "gr-ear"? Ilu


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Anonymous asked: greeer it was the first day of school today and ive had the worst time :(((

aw don’t worry I’m sure it will get better !!

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Anonymous asked: WAIT IS THAT YOU IN YOUR ICON you are so gorgeous oh my

thank u☺️☺️ luv u

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Anonymous asked: Hi you answered my anon earlier about being scared for hs and I just wanted you to know I had a great time!!! 👴👴


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simple ootd for today!! 
dress- h&m
choker- made it from an old necklace
sunnies- forever 21 :))
Anonymous asked: Where did you get the gray dress??? Super cute

H&m :)

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Anonymous asked: Please help me I'm so nervous for my first day of schooooolll

don’t be nervous!! School will b fun and u will do great

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Anonymous asked: Greer!! I have that coconut organix thing too!! I have been using the organix coconut shampoo for about 2 years and my hair is so soft OMG! It's the best ❤️sorry haha I freaked out because I don't know anyone that uses it

yAa organix is v nice

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